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Trusting God one step at a time!

Forget your Happiness

Ask anyone what they want the outcome of their life to be. We all have one thing in common: Happiness. Everyone wants to be able to look back on their … Continue reading

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Recently I was called “weird.” I was having a normal conversation when this older guy said “you’re weird.” Naturally, I laughed and said “I know! Everybody’s weird!” Until I got … Continue reading

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I always thought the Christian life was hilly. I thought there would be times when you are very close to God, and times when you aren’t. I always thought it … Continue reading

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An Instrument 

Everyone has their “hidden.” A “hidden” is what I like to call that one sin that is hidden deep inside that no one knows about. That one struggle that you … Continue reading

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The Bubble

It’s hard to pop the bubble. We go to school or work, eat dinner, go to the gym, shower etc. We see the same people and do the same things … Continue reading

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Ranting and Random Thoughts (Sorry Guys)

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “Only God can judge us.” Oddly enough, this is not the truth. God will judge us, in the last judgement. But that doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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Grace is Mercy is Love

   What’s up people of Earth, Rachel here. Once upon a time there was this apostle named Paul. He made many great contributions to the Bible, and one of those … Continue reading

February 25, 2015 · 2 Comments

I’m Only Human

I’m human too. I’m not perfect in any way. And right now, my heart hurts. My grandfather, is my best friend. I’m closer to him than I am to anyone. … Continue reading

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Just Getting Started

Hiya folks, Rachel here! As I am writing this I wonder if anyone is actually reading it, or if I’m just a silly girl with too large of an imagination. … Continue reading

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